What should I do if I lose an erection during sex?


Why the erection disappears, all possible versions. What to do with it, how to eliminate the problem with folk remedies, medical preparations, ointments and gels. Useful advice of psychologists.

If once an erection disappeared during sex – this is not a reason for panic, as a whole range of factors, for example, too sharp movements, misunderstandings on the part of a partner, and others, can very easily excite arousal. But when it is repeated from time to time, the situation already requires delicate intervention by specialists.

The main reasons why an erection disappears during sex

The decline in penile tension at the most crucial moment can be associated, in particular, with the age of the man. After 50 years of monitoring this process is already more difficult, since often blood circulation at this age is disrupted. The situation can be complicated by a bad relationship with a partner, a little experience in intimate life and an uncomfortable environment around. Thus, the causes of problems with erection during sex can be psychological, physical and everyday.

To answer why the erection disappears, it is possible as follows:

  • Frequent depression. They can cause both a banal misunderstanding from the partner, and problems at work. A huge impact on the emotional state is and unpopularity among the female sex. Because of this, men often feel uncomfortable and insecure in the society of the opposite sex, which only pours oil on the fire.
  • Low self-esteem. Usually it originates in childhood, for example, when at school or university a young man “did not use demand”. The internal tension that arises for this reason can create difficulties in getting to know the girls and satisfying both their needs and their own.
  • Excitement before intercourse. Here, the blame for everything can be the first sexual increase the duration of an erectionexperience of a guy or a girl, when a young man has a certain responsibility for doing everything right. Here it is already difficult not to be nervous, because of what it is almost impossible to relax normally. The excitement does not allow the centers of excitability to work properly, and this causes similar problems.
  • Incompatibility with a partner. The point is that both partners may like completely different postures and intensity of sexual intercourse. Dissonance will arise if someone is in a hurry, and someone wants, on the contrary, as much as possible to delay the onset of orgasm. Separately, it is worth paying attention to a large penis for a woman, which, hurting her, discourages the man from continuing to communicate.
  • Hurry. This is usually characteristic of those who do not pay due attention to the prelude, devoting to it for a few minutes or at all avoiding it. Also worth noting is the option of abuse viewing pornographic movies that cause rapid excitement, but can also contribute to its rapid decline.
  • Household interference. This may be faced, for example, by those who live in the same house with relatives. Conversations behind the wall, the trampling of feet behind the doors, calls to the mobile, the fear that close people will hear the creak of a bed or sighs – all this provokes tension, which prevents a normal erection.
  • Past unsuccessful sexual experience. This may be faced both by young people, and by adult men who have not experienced the proper pleasure from sexual intercourse with previous partners. This makes us fear failure, this time, which creates a favorable ground for the decline of excitement.

Among the erectile dysfunctions during sex, one should note bad habits – smoking, drinking in large quantities of alcohol, and addiction. All this reduces the vital resources of the body and does not allow it to properly react to pathogens. Chronic Generic Sildenafil lack of sleep, increased physical fatigue, and apathy also exert their influence. An important place in all this is frequent self-gratification.

Another reason for the loss of erection during intercourse is health problems: diseases of the genitourinary, endocrine, cardiovascular systems may well lead to the loss of the penile tension needed to continue the sexual intercourse. The source of this problem is often the failure of the hormonal background, for example, a lack of testosterone or an overabundance of prolactin.

erection disappears

On the extinction of erection during sex in some cases affect neurogenic factors. Here you should pay attention to alcoholic or diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, pinching of nerves in the vertebrae. Provoke a deteriorating situation is also capable of sudden disruption of venous outflow from the genital organ.

Note! Most often, an erection disappears during sex due to any psychological problems, because in most cases, deterioration in physical health entails not occasional, but already permanent potency disorders.

What to do, so that an erection during sex does not disappear

First, you need to turn to a sexologist who will collect anamnesis and determine whether dysfunction is primary, and not a consequence of cardiovascular or any other diseases. If it is confirmed that there are pathologies in this respect, then consultation of specialized specialists – cardiologist, endocrinologist, urologist, psychologist, proctologist, andrologist – will be required.

Psychological methods

They will be relevant only if the cause of dysfunction lies in the failures in their personal lives. In this case, you need 3-5 sessions with a good psychotherapist. At the same time, it is best to take a reception with your wife or girlfriend, as she must take an active part in therapy.

The main task of the doctor is getting rid of possible complexes of inferiority and fears, for example, conception of a child or infection with any sexually transmitted infections. It is equally important to become more confident in yourself that during sexual intercourse there is no doubt about your masculine strength, attractiveness and desirability.

causes of problems with erection

To no longer complain that during an intercourse erection disappears, it is necessary to exclude depression from life, to think about good, even in spite of other negative factors, for example, financial ill-being or bad relations with a partner. It is very important to create a quiet environment in the house, as little as possible to be nervous and worried. In addition to this, you need to regularly perform coitus, because in his absence in life there is both mental and physical stress.

At the time of reducing the volume of the penis is not recommended to complex and worry about how you will look from the side in the eyes of the partner. Through force to carry out the sexual certificate too it is not necessary, it is better to postpone it for a while and after rest to repeat the unsuccessful attempt. And most importantly, you can not blame yourself for anything, you have to accept the situation and let it go.

Important! If you have harmful habits – to abuse alcohol, smoke or take drugs, then you will have to give up, since they suppress excitement.

Healthy lifestyle

Since a good erection is partly a result of normal blood circulation, it is necessary to remove from your diet products that pollute the vessels – fried, flour, sweet, etc. It is not recommended to drink coffee and drinks on its basis, carbonated water, a variety of conservation. All this acidifies the body, increases the level of cholesterol and, as a consequence, worsens the penis supply with blood.

To an erection was lasting, you need to ensure a full sleep, sleep at least 8 hours a day, lying down and getting up early. Before going to bed, it is advisable to take a walk in the fresh air, as they help to saturate the blood with oxygen and thereby improve its viscosity.

If possible, it is recommended to go in for sports – to run, ride a bicycle, swim or replace such types of training with an orbitrek, a bicycle, a treadmill. Thus, male endurance will increase, which has a direct bearing on the duration of the erection.

Medical preparations

First of all, you can recommend drugs with a high content of testosterone, which are relevant for its deficiency in the blood. They can be produced in the form of tablets, solutions for injections, ointments. The most popular of them are Andriol capsules, the dose of which is selected individually. On average, the daily norm is 150 mg in the first three weeks, and in the next 14 days its amount should be reduced to 40-120 mg.

Here are some other drugs you may need:

  1. Viagra. The drug is prescribed to improve potency, it enhances sexual arousal and improves blood flow to the penis, which contributes to its longer increase. To this end, it is necessary to take 1 table. one hour before contact. The medicine comes into effect 30 minutes after taking, and the effect is retained for 3-5 hours. Such a prolonged action can be explained by the presence in the biologically active component of sildenafil. But after taking the tablets, you may have headaches, heartburn, redness on the face. Analogues of Viagra are Adamax-100, Alti-Met, Vekta.
  2. Cialis. This drug or its analogs (Up-Great, Erectile) can be used in place of Viagra based on the active substance of tadalafil. He has a stimulating effect on the erection, for which 10 mg should be taken half an hour before sexual intercourse. In this case, you can not drink more than 1 table a day. It is also possible to administer 2.5 mg per day for 7 days to prevent the premature termination of erection.
  3. Levitra. These pills are designed to increase the duration of an erection. To this end, they are recommended to be taken 30 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. The minimum dose is 5 ml, the maximum dose is 60 ml. During treatment it is important to have an active intimate life. The main component in the drug is vardenafil. Among Levitra’s analogues, one should separately mention Ap-Great, Vekta, Adamax-100.

Of natural herbal remedies with regular erections, treatment can be based on the reception of the Peruvian poppy, which is available in powder form. It was created specifically to increase the level of excitement, increase sexual desire and increase the duration of erection. To achieve such results in the first 5 days it is recommended to take 1-3 tsp. poppies, and after this time it is better to switch to 5 g.