Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back

Back muscles need to be strengthened on a regular basis. Weak muscles result in the formation of poor posture, a man constantly builds a strong physical exertion, there is excessive fatigue, mood drops.Over time, weak back muscles can cause a variety of illnesses. To prevent the worst case scenario, you need to devote time to strengthen the muscles of the back with the help of physical therapy, yoga and exercises in the gym. Today we tell about how to strengthen the back muscles through a series of exercises.

How to strengthen your back muscles?

This section will give a list of exercises that should be carried out in the gym. Exercise at home will describe in a later section of this article.

Strengthening the trapezius muscles
trapezius muscles play an important role in the formation of a beautiful figure. To strengthen them in the gym is ideal exercise shrugs, which is performed in different variations.

Shrug in a standing position
to exercise in this position works best with curved rod stamp or regular dumbbells. Rod straight bar will put pressure on the groin that will create discomfort.

Shrugs barbell
Technique: feet shoulder-width apart place, grab the neck, grip – a little wider than shoulder width. Keep your hands straight. Inhale, lift, and then lower the shoulders. Breathe out. If you train with more weight, then modify your grip, so that the muscles were studied equally.

Shrugs with dumbbells
Exercise is not much different from the previous one. Starting position: legs set slightly closer to each other than in the first exercise. Take a neutral grip dumbbells and hold them at arm’s length. Shoulders straighten, do not slouch, chin lift slightly, legs slightly bend. On the inhale lift your shoulders as high as possible, linger for a moment in this position, and then lower them. When lifting dumbbells do not swing your body.

Shrug on an incline bench
shrugs Incline bench loaded with the same muscles as the standing shrugs. Technique: Lie on an incline bench (45 degrees to the floor), on his stomach so that his head went beyond the edge of the bench. Secure the legs on the footboard in hand, take a dumbbell. Extend your arms in front of him. Inhale while pinch blade and shrug his shoulders. Return to the starting position.

Do not take a lot of weight at once. First, operate with low weight and gradually increasing. Hand bend, try to hold the dumbbells at arm’s length. It does not work – change the weight.


Shrug with a barbell behind his back
Exercise complicated and not everyone can handle the first time. For its implementation it is necessary to set the bar to a special support so that the neck is above your knees. Then we must turn to the projectile back. Grasp the neck forward or reverse grip, hands arrange a little wider than shoulder width, put his feet narrower than shoulder width. Prepare to lift the projectile. To do this, straighten your back, tighten her muscles, lift the chin slightly up and pinch blade. Take a deep breath and lift the barbell. Back at the same bend. Do shrug, as described in the previous exercise, then lower shell.

Shrug on the horizontal bar
Exercise in much the same exercise on an incline bench with the difference that we should not lie on your stomach and on the back. Technique: Lie on the bench, which is installed under the bar over the bar. Feet rest against the floor to the surface. Pins expose to ten centimeters lower level than lying under the bench. Hands put on the neck, wider than shoulders. On the inhale, remove the bar and straighten your arms. In this position, start to reduce as much as possible of the blade. On the exhale, spread them. Always keep your hands straightened, his head does not come off the bench.

At first, the bar does not separate from the rack column. Let it slide on it and in the event of difficulties just fall on the pins.

Shrugs exercise can also be performed at Smith simulator.

Exercises for the lower back muscles pumping
Upgrade your lower back will help the following exercises:

  • Deadlift
  • The slopes of the pole forward

Deadlift: technique of
Approach to the bar, grab her upper grip or raznohvatom. The distance between your hands – a little wider than shoulder width. Keep your back straight in. On the inhale, lift the barbell to the knee level and fully straighten. Pull your shoulders back. Wait a few seconds and then lower the boom.
Deadlift develops almost all muscle groups, so it is actively used by beginners.
Lean forward with a barbell: surgical technique
Feet shoulder width apart, take a wide grip barbell and lift it up. Keep body straight, straighten shoulders and slightly bend your legs, back, rotten strain psoas. Inhale and slightly tilt the body forward, looking away while the pelvis back. When the housing would be parallel to the floor surface to return to the initial position.


Training back to earth

Here are a few exercises that will make your back athletic:

  • Thrust rod in the slope. Exercise has been described above. It effectively acts on the latissimus dorsi.
  • Link vertical block. If you can not catch up, follow the vertical thrust blocks. This exercise is more simple. Do this: take the simulator bench, grab the handle a wide grip, feet fix under the rollers. Begin to pull the handle down, setting the stage for her or his head or dropping the front of the chest. Smoothly return to a starting position. Do not immerse the neck severely low.
  • Thrust dumbbells. all just here. Take a dumbbell in your left hand. Go to the athletic bench and stand on the side of it. Knee right foot put on the bench. Free housing slightly forward, resting his right hand to the edge of the bench. Slightly arch your back. The left arm with a dumbbell, lower down. On the inhale begins to pull the dumbbell up, bending the arm at the elbow. At the top stop for a couple of seconds and then return to its original position. This is important: always keep your back slightly arched, do not slouch. If a bent knee to do the exercise uncomfortable, follow it without bench. When lifting a dumbbell in the work should be included only the muscles of the back, and not the hands.
  • Link blocks themselves. Perform each exercise with light weight, so as not to cause injury. I.P .: go to the simulator, grasp the handle straight grip, hands shoulder width apart. Take a step back from the simulator. Corpus keep straight, do not slouch. Shoulders straighten, the chin lift slightly. On the inhale pull the handle on the simulator and down. Hand bend. When the handle touches the thighs, the maximum strain the latissimus. Thereafter, return to starting position.

Training back at home

Not everyone has the time to visit the gym. The ideal solution for them would be doing the exercises at home. There are a number of exercises that are performed on the mat and give tangible effect, and here are some of them:

  • Polulodochka
    performed so: lie down on the rug, on his stomach, hands pull ahead. Tear them off the floor and pull up. And then pass the focus on the entire body. Maximum arch your back. Then cross your fingers behind your head and Freeze in this position for two or three seconds. Return to starting position and repeat.
  • Boat
    exercise is performed as well as the previous one, but with the only difference – the feet must also detach from the floor.
  • Exercise with expandersin active use at home for the development of the back muscles. I.P .: stand in the rack: feet shoulder width apart, back – straight. Pick up the two handles Expander. Pull them in front, and then spread to the sides.
  • Balancing
    Get on all fours. Pull back the right leg and left arm forward. Keep them strictly parallel to the floor. In this position stay for up to five seconds. At this time, you will experience a significant strain on the back muscles. Do the same, changing the leg and arm. This exercise is also actively used to train back to more difficult exercises.
  • Keel with the roller
    ie on the mat on his stomach, arch your back. Hands pull ahead. Take the roller in hand. Begin to roll it, first by themselves, then to himself. When the roller is returned, the maximum sag in the back. Perform a few reps.

Exercises for the triceps

Triceps – a skeletal triceps muscle located on the back of the humerus. It consists of three heads – the long, medial, lateral. It performs the function of flexion-extension of the elbow. By weight Triceps occupies two thirds of the weight of the shoulder muscles.

For regulation of the temperature homeostasis, increasing the rate of enzymatic reactions, improving blood and lymph circulation, metabolism intensity workout is important to load (as in the room, or at home), i.e. heating of the tissues and cardiorespiratory system. Warm-up includes general developmental (the same for all: running, jumping, stretching, etc…) And special (associated with a particular sport) exercises. The optimal duration of warm-up and gap size between its end and the beginning of the work depends on the nature of the work, fitness of the person’s sex, age, environmental factors (weather). The duration of heating at everyone.

Triceps exercises at the gym

The LFK become widely deployed devices to correctly and consistently work on a particular area of ​​the body. Plus simulators that by doing certain exercises can normalize their power, amplitude, rhythm. Simulators are designed to develop strength and joints, muscle endurance, muscle elimination of hunger. Properly delivered training in the gym do not cause pain.

Swing triceps need for both men and women. Almost all exercises triceps use all three heads. Start pumping in the gym should be a basic exercise.

Thus, the basic exercises for the triceps – it is a complex using special shells (boards, blocks, weights, Smith machine)


  • Push-ups from the back all the way on a narrow bench. Starting position – hands abut rear bench, legs stretched out on the second bench. Fall down, bending the arm to a right angle, then climb. Properly done with elbows, not diluted in hand.
  • Raising the hands because of the head with a dumbbell. It is more likely for women, because with their help will not be able to build up a large muscle mass, but the relief of actually develop. Starting position – sitting on a bench, back bend over backwards hand wound with a dumbbell behind your head, free hand covers the body. On the inhale to lift a hand from behind the head, bending at the elbow and holding the right angle. You do not have to stop in the final position. To do 10 times.
  • Hand bends in an inclined position. Starting position – standing on the side of the bench, holding her free hand, and building a free knee, back parallel to the floor, the hand with the dumbbell bent at a right angle. Triceps gently to straighten the hand, at the top stay 5 seconds to return to the initial position. It is important to keep your back – parallel to the floor, remaining immobile.
  • Ups on a special simulator type bars. For greater effect, can be performed with weights. Do not forget that the correct width of the boards should be shoulder-width apart, otherwise the burden rests on the triceps, and pectoral muscles.
Once made basic exercises triceps, proceed to the next stage – the basic training.

It includes:

  • French press. Starting position – for bench press, lying on the bench, face up, feet pressed to the floor. Raise the bar direct grip on his outstretched hands behind his head, forming a right angle shoulder and forearm. At the end point is not to stop and not to lower the bar too low. Repeat 10-15 times. You can perform the bench press on an incline bench right grip.
  • Narrow bench press. Bench press performed in the car Smith or power rack. Starting position – the same as a direct grip. Lower the bar, touch the chest and lift the bar up once. Correctly when the elbows form an angle of 45 degrees with the body. It is possible to vary the width and angle of the elbow grip. At endpoint, stop for 3-5 seconds. Make 3 sets of 10 times.
  • California press. Starting position – as well as at the French bench, taking a narrow grip barbell, place it over the top of his chest. On the inhale, slowly lower the bar, not throwing elbows to the sides. Correctly perform, working only triceps.
  • The best exercise – extension arms on the top shelf. Starting position – standing, slightly tilting the body forward. Grab handle with palms down, elbows firmly pressed against the body. The essence of the exercise – to pull the lever unit to the chest. Perform smoothly, frozen at the top for 5 seconds. Make 3 sets of 10 times. It is also possible to perform straightening of one hand and on a block (need rope simulator with the upper block).

How to build your triceps at home

To have beautiful hands, essential training the triceps, but not necessarily go to the gym, you can do exercises triceps at home.

In every house there stools or chairs, a pair of dumbbells, gymnastic mat. How to build triceps weights, if they do not? That’s right, the dumbbell is easy to replace with bottles of water. Some of the house and was converted into a branch of the gym, setting simulators, blocks and other devices. The house is convenient to do:

  • Pushups (hand position – normal or narrow). Exercise is the best, because special equipment is not required for it, bleed the triceps, the muscles of the back and legs. Correct push-ups should be able to both men and women. Start position – stop lying, back and legs straight, the weight is transferred on your toes, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. As you exhale, bend your arms and touch the floor feeding. Make 3 sets of 15-20 times the man, the woman 5-10 times. As an added complication, wear a backpack on his shoulders with the load.
  • Dips can be performed in the courtyard of the house.
  • Push-ups from the back stop and fit perfectly, and the bench can replace a chair.
  • Extension arm with a dumbbell can be performed not only in the room, but also at home, and it is not suitable for women, beginners due to high load on the fledgling muscles.
  • Women home is suitable extension arm in the slope (described above), replacing bench on a stool.
  • How to build the triceps dumbbell women – elementary, straightening laying hands. Starting position – lying on the mat, hands with mild dumbbells are lifted upwards. It is necessary to alternately flex arm at the elbow so that his shoulder was vertical. Dumbbell should touch the floor. Make 4 sets of 10-15 times.
  • Transverse press (also for women). Starting position – as in the exercise above, but position the dumbbell across the body. Palm back side should be deployed before. It is necessary to bend the elbows, in the transverse extensions, but the dumbbells do not touch each other. Do 5 sets of 10 times.


To home training was better, use a combination of the two, later three different exercises to influence the triceps from different angles.

Some women enough months to of “newcomers” to move into the category of “pro” and the other is not enough for half a year, it all depends on the level of body fat (the lower, the more likely things will go smoothly), and the individual characteristics of the organism. To achieve beautiful triceps should be engaged for about three months.

How to pump up the ass

Beautiful, elastic ass – is the dignity of women, however, not all of the fairer sex nature endowed chic buttocks. Fortunately, this time amenable to correction. Attractive priests form, in the absence of fat, formed by the developed muscular tissue and skin tone, and is able to do this every woman.

Firm buttocks, according to statistics, are considered the most attractive part of the body for most men. And this fact is due not only to the aesthetic beauty of tightened shapes. Elastic female priest also indicates good health and proper physical activity of its owner.

Strong, attractive ass can be formed independently engaged in the equipped hall or through regular workouts at home. It is necessary to understand how to pump up the ass correctly and in a short time.

For priests in the exercise room

To begin, consider the anatomical features of the buttocks. Under the superficial fat pad located priests paired glutes: small, medium as well as the largest muscles of the whole body – the gluteus maximus. They consist of a powerful, coarse fibers and are responsible for a lot of motor functions. First of all, allow the muscles to unbend and take in the thigh, lift and tilt the housing body, and they are involved in the stabilization of the housing situation of the motion and stationary.

Since the gluteal muscles are large, they have increased stamina and immediately adapt to the power load. Therefore, the most efficient pump up the ass at the gym, using a set of exercises and special equipment.

All exercises for priests, as part of the hall, it is desirable to do with the coach, to avoid errors and pumping muscles. With intensive pumping, muscles cease to respond to the increasing load. This will delay the process of formation of the buttocks, and quickly pump up the ass will not succeed. In order to prepare the body for an intense strength training and muscle tone result, it is possible for a week to practice at home.

The exercises are selected depending on the body:

  • When overweight stimulate fat burning cardio will help (for 45 minutes twice a week). Best assistants in this room will be an elliptical trainer with a slope, stepper and treadmill, stair. Cardio plane on the line is not suitable for larger buttocks, they can be obtained only the opposite effect – a decrease in muscle mass priests;
  • When lean physique, for inflating a large, appetizing priests suitable weight training. The main efficient exercises are best considered in more detail in order to understand how to pump up the ass in the gym.

The complex is effective exercises for the buttocks

1. Squats (requires five approaches with pauses at two minutes, 10 repetitions). Squats can quickly pump up the ass, however, it is important to monitor the equipment and perform the exercise correctly:

  • you need to keep your head straight, look ahead;
  • bend back, his chest forward and pelvis back;
  • feet shoulder-width or slightly wider than shoulder width, toes apart;
  • knees when squatting should not go beyond the line of socks;
  • squat as deeply as necessary, with rounding to the lower back should not be;
  • the weight of gravity in the heel guide and transfer to the socks;
  • the exercise slowly for at least 3 seconds, and lowering the lift;
  • when lifting can not straighten my knees to the end, otherwise the load will act with the muscles and the joints perelyazhet;
  • Before enhance exercise weights or a barbell, it is necessary to work out the mechanics of the movements at home;
  • You can squat on a small chair or bench to learn how to take back the buttocks;
  • to start the squat better with an empty bar, and then gradually add weight.

2. Lunges with amplification (requires three sets on each leg for 10 reps). The width of the leg and lunge distance selected individually. It is important not to change the legs during exercise, you should first work out the attacks on one foot, then on the second. Lunging front leg at the knee should form an angle of 90 °, and the rear leg while standing on the nose, without touching the floor. During the exercise you need to maintain a constant tension in the gluteal muscles are not fully straightening your knees at the top. And should follow the dynamics without making too sharp and fast movements. Barbells and dumbbells will allow confidence to keep his balance, and hard to cut muscles.

3. Deadlift with weight or rod (requires four sets of 10 repetitions). It is necessary to stand up straight with a barbell or weights in your hands, feet shoulder width apart. Then you slowly lower the weight down, almost touching the surface of the legs. When the weight reaches the mid-calf, you can feel the stretch in your buttocks, then you need to slowly start to rise.

4. mahi feet using the simulator. The equipment required is set burdening and shin leg cuffs attached. While standing straight and holding hands on the rail, the need to take the leg back while keeping a straight position the body. Supporting leg needs a little bent at the knees, having secured thereby knee while working leg must be straightened as much as possible.

These exercises will help to quickly pump up the ass, but it will take more than one week of hard work. Regular exercise per week will increase muscle tone, a month will form an attractive circle, and in six months everything will strengthen the gluteal muscles and will pop like a nut.

How to pump up the ass at home

Often women tend to pump a nice ass at home in a very short period of time – a month or even a week. Of course, a week to form an elastic circle will not be enough.

However, in order to pump up the ass at home as quickly as possible, there is a set of exercises, regular execution of which will allow to pump large, attractive ass at home without going to a gym.

To understand how to pump up the ass for a month, you must be guided by what the result would like to achieve: a little pull up forms, to find the general tone or significantly increase the volume of the buttocks. In the first case, a little disappoint and can be for a week, in the second month will suffice, well, in order to pump up the big bottoms need to perform a series of exercises for several months.

Exercises for inflating beautiful priests will be the following at home:

1. gluteal pelvic bridge or lifting from a prone position (requires three sets of 20 repetitions). To perform the exercise you need to lie down on a flat, hard surface (at home it can be a floor or a special bench, not bed). Bend your knees and begin lifting the pelvis, so that the head and the blade remained lying on the floor. The upper lifting point maximally compress the buttocks to lift the heel, toes resting on the floor.

2. Deep squats without weighting. Appliances, how to squat, as described above. To perform this exercise at home, you can use the same recommendations. Squats help the girl pump the big, beautiful ass quickly and efficiently, without the help of professional trainers.

3. Mahi back with a chair. Homes of vertical swings back chair fit perfectly. It is required to take up the back of it to support the balance and legs alternately perform powerful swings back. Twenty strides on each leg. This exercise will facilitate the formation of the elastic priests.

4. The squat “plies” (with legs wide apart). You must put your feet wider than shoulder width, hold down the back straight, slowly lowered and raised. In order to properly swing the ass using “plie ‘squat should be as deep as it allows stretching. In addition to increasing the buttocks, this exercise will contribute to the training of internal thigh muscles, which often have poor muscle tone.

5. Horizontal mahi ago. House to quickly pump up the ass, you can perform the horizontal swings in conjunction with the vertical. To do this, kneel and stretch your palms on the floor. Knees bent leg should be raised as high as possible, lingering a little at the top. Follow these horizontal swings correctly, 20 reps on each leg, the priests can be increased in a short time.

6. Mahi leg from a prone position. It is necessary to go to one side, resting on his elbow. Without bending your leg at the knee, it is necessary to raise its top, and then slowly lower. The amplitude of motion of the leg should be proportionate to the stretching, the need to make sure that the body was lying exactly in a straight line.

At home, the best exercise is mahi considered for the priests, because they allow the girl not only disappoint the gluteal muscles, but also give her thighs smooth, smooth shape.

Classes at home is not as effective as a workout with a personal trainer in the gym. If using simulators swing buttocks worth one or two times a week, at home you need to train more often – 3-4 times. To become a priest as a nut, it is necessary not only regular exercise, but also need to perform each exercise correctly, at a slow pace and with maximum study of details.

On the question of how to pump up the ass, it is better to aim primarily on physical health. With proper nutrition, moderate, regular cardio and strength training and constancy of this mode, you can achieve great results and become the owner of a great priests.

How I Ended My Lower Back Pain – Part 6: Ab Wheel

what can i do to help my lower back painOkay.  I’m once again I’m giving you some ideas think you could win way daily redeem in order to strengthen your back and abdominal muscle with the primary purpose of eliminating back pain which it has done for me like me for eight years. In this exercise routine done the trick for me. This is a piece of equipment that I use every day cost you about ten to fifteen dollars that the mod by the dynamic than that

Com free shipping. This is are called in at we’ll and had nothing but a little wheel with the rubber tire on it and couple handful here. And the way you do that and way that I use it anyway work well me. Is you basically this is not used to strengthen your arm. So when you get steroids for sale on your knees I actually do with my be lifted up likely. And a you know my knees in a position like this 15 that the position of my arm. I don’t trying to move my arm movement is going to be in here. The kinda wanted where the movement yes.

A little bit more here. Okay now how far you go on the wheel depends on you you may not go as far out

As I do by. Over time it’ll get easier and easier to do for example you can do and 15 repetitions to this. And it does a lot well you to do is rotate around. So i’ll be like 15 those another some of the other things that apartment retain and that like a circuit rotate my way around. And due to these every morning to that the 15. Very simple very inexpensive piece of equipment but believe me it really works her abdomen

And we’ll are crunches are absolutely essential. Very important part of the routine but the crunches you’re going to work certain part those multiple by doing different things like this it helped me get my foot that you’re not getting in some of the more common things like rent. So well worth the 10 bucks to spend on.


lower back stretches for pain reliefMeaning hey guys. Only for like a cockroach you know much a few stretches for lower back. Won’t be doing stretches for lower back. La casa suffer from possible terms. For example popular there’s. So increase all their system slight decrease in the clip. Now by having an increase in a lil lumbar spine cause a lot of problems. For example osteoarthritis sign a card the settlers his palms. The muscles in the lumbar spine this area here can also refer to them as well obviously painful. And also a pain. In the butt of there if they’re painted by we’ve Nate the basra is muscles up can also help you daily giving it and also functionally.

Also helps with the sport as well. Unsettled Palin 20 gymnastics in hockey soak up. Things like that

Help you with a long nap. Hi guys. Special a hamstring muscle any lower back muscles going to hamptonshire’s position somali straight only best perform a press site a press the top. Now if you really want to target the hamstring muscles a lot more. Probably check up chamber up your low back this is reaching out. Once again. Site 22nd Homer rest think on Labor’s 31 36 called best on our site. So now home ability exercise good of a lost any reform site up. Enough up cleanup 10 minutes on each side. It mean you doing this ok have any I both lower back strain poems. Stress your general low back returnees try to your chest for report Xpress. All 22nd the second one is I once read on the bench which was same site horrible a long rest 20 seconds. Then given a different angles. So to middle chest this site chest to the other side of the chest and then break a long press 20 seconds. The other side as well. Fuck you know muscle to anita was just beat to opposite side had just official rock Tettenhall not tried different angles. This site with your language and lovers 20 seconds. All file hot this stretches initials the stretch a different angles low back. Hey guys if you do you have lower back pain let’s take our capital position a self assessed property. Once again thanks for watching. I like che cold-blooded you have any suggestions. I’ll see you next week.

Using a heat pack to treat lower back pain

heat for lower back painAre  want to do a real quick video because as you know I ever slipped disc. Okay most of you probably wouldn’t all K. Are in 2000 and 12 in December of 2012 I had a slipped disc. And i couldnt wall for a good three months arm I always had Bay back bat back. What this means is that. Arm i’ve always had difficulty with this team Lords walking long distances even whenever I call former Reserve is training. It’s always a real struggle because you have to carried a webbing as your full pack. Are after walking for like 10 20 minutes you get it really trees eighty going in you look back. Are recently I also started doing arm exile exercising a little bit and doing this crossfit. Are so I discussed sup to the afternoon did is really crazy workout and I think I kennelly pulled a muscle streaming back something you know ’cause are just so

Few minutes ago. Was really really eking so just do a quick. Video to show you what I do to take care of myself. Are basically its Jess he treatment. Ago he pick you Paul hot boiling water until he pick let it heat up for like Gollum few minutes take this hot he pick put on the back. And dis relax for a few minutes. And let the heat so into the bank and hopefully that comes to muscles citizen kind of spasm doesn’t have to spasm. His the I home landowner cushion them camera once you have to keeping loophole up. No other reason why headed in that whole naw very moment days this the keeping XD gets Union on same

Yeah again. So the package human hop clinton won up who burning Walt for think you really have been all do that drool cool mom Cleveland K. School whose just like K. You know poems G did phone sports this working these long enough minutes trying to removed whole just happens Paper Moon. Make

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Awesome Lower Back Stretches to Relieve Muscle Tightness and Pain

how to relieve lower back painBrisk Shrek help really help I’m hell always. Trainee make good good morning to you would help

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