How to Stop Lower Back Pain

deadlifts lower back painHey  guys this is Mike Robertson with Robertson training systems dot com. Wanna talk to you guys today a little bit about back pay. So Zacapa national my guy tells me that you guys are always struggle with little

Aches and pains look. A big party that is just the fact you guys train hard you’re gonna have bumps and bruises along the way. But one of the big things that we see you with people that suffer from lower

Back pain is how they get into position to deadlift or do an RTL or basically any kind of hit pinging motion. So what I’m gonna do I’m gonna show you how it looks to me as a coach am a show you a almost foolproof way to teach yourself how to hip and more effectively. So the UK and deadlift RTL Olympic lift

Pain-free and at most importantly have that back to rock solid the whole top. So here’s how it looks to me. So if you guys look at me from the side. Most people have a tendency to hyper-extended over arts they’re lower back. So there you know ready to set up they’re ready to go and they’ll do this kind of thing right and if you look at my back. You can see there’s is very prominent parks there. Now it’s not necessarily a bad thing you need some former arch when you go to squat or deadlift but if you hyper-extended you go too far which actually end up doing is compressing your vertebrae are jamming your vertebrae together on the backside. This will also compress were GM your desks on the back side. So it’s just not a good thing. So instead what we teach our clients to do is to think about reaching law. Right. You compress when you don’t have good stability or any reliance on one area to help you stabilize. So far you got your back that’s not a good thing. So the goal is to have what’s called Co contraction you want your abs and your lower back all working at the same time. So what you’re gonna do instead love arching to get set up. I want you to think about recheck. So when I threw my arms out in front you guys can see how much cleaner my back position looks. I’ve still got a little bit of an arch but it’s not hyper-extended. So again instead have

Arching think reach. Right. So hopefully that helps you guys out nap if you don’t get it or you don’t feel like I’m gonna show you a real cool trick that we’ve been using here and I fast to get people to figure out this

Position quickly and easily. So give me just a second i’ll get set up. Wraps and set up here. And what I call this is like a deadlift reset I don’t know if i’ve really got a name for get but if you struggle with reaching long or if that’s just not working for you personally. What you do get a band i’ve just got it set up here kinda on the J hook up Iraq. So it doesn’t flip down on me but you are you gonna do you gonna take this band spin it around set up feat hip shoulder with the park just like you’re gonna do an RTS our conventional deadlift. And then from this position think about pushing your arms forward and simultaneously pushing your hips back. Alright so it’s going to look like this. Reach forward push the hips back we should really feel it not only through like your serratus in your shoulders but your abs in your hamstrings. So there’s a couple ways you can do it. You can either just do one rep just think about reaching really keen abouttheir CO everything turn on or you can do it for reps. See can scan a groove that pat. It really doesn’t matter how you do it its whatever works for you but as long as you’re reaching long for your arms that can help you turn on the absence can allow you to stretch. Everything out and instead of compressing Matt back you’re gonna reach long got it wrong the haps in the lower back simultaneously which is gonna give you really bought proof lower back. So I hope this helps you guys out you have any questions comments concerns let me now but I hope this helps you guys out a time. Take care and stay strong good.