Lower Back Pain Symptoms

lower back pain symptoms1 high and doctor James machine. 0 you know how should you best treat low back pain. Well you know for common low back pain problems are usually arise from some have a strain of into the muscles with his muscle inflammation or some spasm or some other joint structures can slip by me know spinal joints

Have a lot of movement but they’ll have a lot of stability. So certain joints can shift a little and you can’t they can lock it was called said irritation with the joint slipped interlocking you get a fixation and that can produce a lot of pain but you’re changing the pain sensitive nerves. Or in more serious cases the spinal disc and start a balding have a disc herniation that requires more specialized attention. So what should you do if you have low back pain from the sort of common mechanical problems. Well you need the proper orthopedic and neurological assessment to see what’s going on. I would strongly suggest that you actually see a chiropractor and the reason is that the car breaking into the orthopedic and neurological tests but the law also look at the biomechanics of the spine as well look at the individual segments and see what things are not working well at a more microscopic level. The mistake that a lot of people make a lot of doctors make this mistake. You just get the patient taking anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxant are

A pain killer. Which will sort it resolves the pain but it doesn’t really correct the underlying problem.

Where’s your chiropractor is more inclined to start looking at how they can reduced to spasm break up the five-person technologies in the muscles that are producing the pain they. Can actually some hands-on work to actually correct their reverse the muscular and fashional problems. And get rid of those adhesions and also then realign the joints and answer to start working towards the root of the problems actually fix the underlying biomechanical disturbance. They often will give you the right rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the area. So you decrease the likelihood of occurrence. But whatever you decide to do to treat

On top of that which which which which should be happening with you get medical treatment see a physiotherapist you chiropractor is that there are there’s also an anti-inflammatory diet that you should

Be following to reduce the inflammation and their anti-inflammatory supplements. Ones that I really like a combination occur crewmen Buswell Leo white willow bark extract ginger  but also you know quercetin and bromelain some other anti-inflammatory as well. I’m bringing this to our attention because you know many family doctors rheumatologists orthopedic surgeons fail to explain to the patient. The importance of diet and supplementation and even exercise in the management the sort of spinal joint problems that can cause low back pain. It’s very unfortunate because it can make a big difference any can reduce reliance on many the synthetic drugs which have you no side effects over long-on appear to time. So the best thing that you do they understand the diet and supplementation par. Is I have any book it’s called proven natural remedies for joint pain arthritis and inflammation that’s available right here you should download it. The book shows the exact lifestyle plan you can use to help manage any arthritic your low back mechanical joint problem with his information involved. And it can be used along with any drugs or medical treatment chiropractic treatment you may be receiving i’ll tell you this every single arthritic patient should have a copy this ebook. Call proven natural remedies for joint pain arthritis inflammation. So download it right now have low back pain for mechanical causes are you have any arthritic or inflammatory condition. Not machine oh health dot com. You see my other a review papers you’ll see other videos that i’ve done footage from my life professional seminars in case you’re interested in that downloads other resources. They’ve created they’re all available to you for free to help you lead a long healthy functional life it’s important that you get evidence-based information they can I just keep you alive to keep you highly functional both your body and also your mind. Know my review articles that you’ll see you know my teaching materials that are available. Have all the scientific references in them. So you know you’re getting only accurate scientifically based evidence-based information. On any health topic that you might be looking for. So make sure that you use machine oh health dot com. Is an ongoing reliable resource for health and wellness information for both you and your family members. Thanks so much for watching.