Exercise Bike for weight loss

Exercise Bike – a great solution for those who do not have time to visit the gym, but there is a desire to lose weight. The compact size, attractive price, low noise – all this makes the bike an ideal trainer for home use.Regularly engaged in high intensity mode, you can achieve good results in the burning of fat.

This simulator provides aerobic exercise for the whole body, and especially for the lower body muscles – in the area of he hips, legs, buttocks. During such load is an active burning of fat, which helps to quickly and effectively lose weight. In order to be tangible benefits from training, they need to have a longer duration and be carried out with minimal stress.

Regular training on a stationary bike will not only help remove excess weight, but also improve the performance of the whole organism, and in particular to strengthen the circulatory and respiratory systems.

For maximum results, we recommend doing exercises lasting about an hour, due to the fact that the fat-burning process is started only after 40 minutes after the start of training on simulators. During the first 20 minutes of warming up the body only, and set to work.

Exercise bike will be useful for people who:

  • Can not find the extra time to train in the gym
  • They want to focus on training to achieve harmony hips
  • Hesitate to do in the gym due to excess weight or other factors
  • They want to combine training on the simulator with other things
  • Biking in the summer and do not want to reduce the accumulated endurance level

The use of the bike

Before you start choosing this treadmill, you need to understand what is useful exercise bike and how it affects the body.

The benefits of exercise bike:

  • Excellent cardio and strengthening the cardiovascular system – using the simulator you stabilize blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, reduce cholesterol.
  • Strengthening the lower body muscles – buttocks, legs and hips. Regular exercise will help to achieve a high tone in the muscles and toned appearance.
  • Accelerating the metabolism and start losing weight process. The number of calories that you can burn on a stationary bike, comparable to the number of calories burned on the treadmill, and it is equal to 500 calories per hour.
  • the development of endurance. Cardio not only helps to strengthen the muscles and the heart, but also improve the endurance level of the body. When uphill or when running you will get tired a lot less than before training on a stationary bike.
  • A splash of negative emotions and getting rid of stress. Any physical activity provide a pleasant feeling of mild fatigue after the end of classes and the surge of vitality in them.
  • Maintaining yourself in shape. The exercise bike is an excellent tool for burning calories accumulated during the day that will always maintain your ideal weight and keep in shape.

Which muscles are working on a stationary bike

In the course of employment on an exercise bike strengthens plurality of groups of muscles in our body.

Particular emphasis is placed on the bottom of the muscles of the body: thighs, buttocks, calves.

Strengthening this muscle group prevents the development of diseases related to the stagnation of the hip and knee area.

Also, there is training and strengthening the muscles of the lumbar that can cure curvature of the spine of the first stage. It reduces the possibility of occurrence of osteoarthritis, various neuralgia and sciatica.

If a workout on a stationary bike are at maximum intensity, it started active work the abdominal muscles, chest and hands.

To feel the work which takes place most active muscles, you need maximum performance to hold their first training session in the morning and to pay attention to, in any muscle pain are present. This method is a radical but effective. You will feel pain in the muscles, which will be strengthened during your workouts.

How to choose an exercise bike for home

There are several criteria by which to choose a bike for the home. There is no ideal option for all the people, every man must be guided by their needs and preferences in the selection of the device.

Key selection criteria:

  • Dimensions, folding
  • cost model
  • PC quality (presence of switching modes, heart rate meter, games)
  • Reliability, durability
  • Ride quality (simulated real cycling)
  • Additional features (audio player, bottle holder)

When you select should identify 2-3 major characteristics and in accordance with them to choose the model.

It is necessary to take into account the size of your apartment, the intended use of the simulator, the amount to which you are willing to spend.

Exercise bikes Torneo

One of the most well-known manufacturers of exercise bikes for home – it Tornio. Some models are compact and small in size, for example, model B-105 Rumba has dimensions of 86 * 51 * 108. This allows you to place a simulator, even in a small room. the most essential indicators are usually displayed similar patterns: speed, distance, training time, calories burned.

There are also more impressive in size multi-function models of this brand, for example, model B-520 Amulet. In addition to the basic functions of the simulator has a number of options: some modes of training, fitness test, temperature meter, zhiroanalizator, watches and others.

Simulators Torneo presented as budget models for beginners and professional functional units.

Kettler exercise bikes

Kettler company specializes in the manufacture of exercise bikes for home use. Among the models there as a low cost, with the most essential set of features, and creative innovation model in the arsenal are a number of interesting options and features.

Model of bicycle Kettler Polo S is unique – it has a relatively low price and the advanced set of features, which includes task program and a personal definition of the baseline.

The most creative and interesting model – a Golf S, which is a bike ergometer class.

It is possible to set the load level 10, the pulse determination by the sensor, and many other functionalities.