How to pump up the ass

Beautiful, elastic ass – is the dignity of women, however, not all of the fairer sex nature endowed chic buttocks. Fortunately, this time amenable to correction. Attractive priests form, in the absence of fat, formed by the developed muscular tissue and skin tone, and is able to do this every woman.

Firm buttocks, according to statistics, are considered the most attractive part of the body for most men. And this fact is due not only to the aesthetic beauty of tightened shapes. Elastic female priest also indicates good health and proper physical activity of its owner.

Strong, attractive ass can be formed independently engaged in the equipped hall or through regular workouts at home. It is necessary to understand how to pump up the ass correctly and in a short time.

For priests in the exercise room

To begin, consider the anatomical features of the buttocks. Under the superficial fat pad located priests paired glutes: small, medium as well as the largest muscles of the whole body – the gluteus maximus. They consist of a powerful, coarse fibers and are responsible for a lot of motor functions. First of all, allow the muscles to unbend and take in the thigh, lift and tilt the housing body, and they are involved in the stabilization of the housing situation of the motion and stationary.

Since the gluteal muscles are large, they have increased stamina and immediately adapt to the power load. Therefore, the most efficient pump up the ass at the gym, using a set of exercises and special equipment.

All exercises for priests, as part of the hall, it is desirable to do with the coach, to avoid errors and pumping muscles. With intensive pumping, muscles cease to respond to the increasing load. This will delay the process of formation of the buttocks, and quickly pump up the ass will not succeed. In order to prepare the body for an intense strength training and muscle tone result, it is possible for a week to practice at home.

The exercises are selected depending on the body:

  • When overweight stimulate fat burning cardio will help (for 45 minutes twice a week). Best assistants in this room will be an elliptical trainer with a slope, stepper and treadmill, stair. Cardio plane on the line is not suitable for larger buttocks, they can be obtained only the opposite effect – a decrease in muscle mass priests;
  • When lean physique, for inflating a large, appetizing priests suitable weight training. The main efficient exercises are best considered in more detail in order to understand how to pump up the ass in the gym.

The complex is effective exercises for the buttocks

1. Squats (requires five approaches with pauses at two minutes, 10 repetitions). Squats can quickly pump up the ass, however, it is important to monitor the equipment and perform the exercise correctly:

  • you need to keep your head straight, look ahead;
  • bend back, his chest forward and pelvis back;
  • feet shoulder-width or slightly wider than shoulder width, toes apart;
  • knees when squatting should not go beyond the line of socks;
  • squat as deeply as necessary, with rounding to the lower back should not be;
  • the weight of gravity in the heel guide and transfer to the socks;
  • the exercise slowly for at least 3 seconds, and lowering the lift;
  • when lifting can not straighten my knees to the end, otherwise the load will act with the muscles and the joints perelyazhet;
  • Before enhance exercise weights or a barbell, it is necessary to work out the mechanics of the movements at home;
  • You can squat on a small chair or bench to learn how to take back the buttocks;
  • to start the squat better with an empty bar, and then gradually add weight.

2. Lunges with amplification (requires three sets on each leg for 10 reps). The width of the leg and lunge distance selected individually. It is important not to change the legs during exercise, you should first work out the attacks on one foot, then on the second. Lunging front leg at the knee should form an angle of 90 °, and the rear leg while standing on the nose, without touching the floor. During the exercise you need to maintain a constant tension in the gluteal muscles are not fully straightening your knees at the top. And should follow the dynamics without making too sharp and fast movements. Barbells and dumbbells will allow confidence to keep his balance, and hard to cut muscles.

3. Deadlift with weight or rod (requires four sets of 10 repetitions). It is necessary to stand up straight with a barbell or weights in your hands, feet shoulder width apart. Then you slowly lower the weight down, almost touching the surface of the legs. When the weight reaches the mid-calf, you can feel the stretch in your buttocks, then you need to slowly start to rise.

4. mahi feet using the simulator. The equipment required is set burdening and shin leg cuffs attached. While standing straight and holding hands on the rail, the need to take the leg back while keeping a straight position the body. Supporting leg needs a little bent at the knees, having secured thereby knee while working leg must be straightened as much as possible.

These exercises will help to quickly pump up the ass, but it will take more than one week of hard work. Regular exercise per week will increase muscle tone, a month will form an attractive circle, and in six months everything will strengthen the gluteal muscles and will pop like a nut.

How to pump up the ass at home

Often women tend to pump a nice ass at home in a very short period of time – a month or even a week. Of course, a week to form an elastic circle will not be enough.

However, in order to pump up the ass at home as quickly as possible, there is a set of exercises, regular execution of which will allow to pump large, attractive ass at home without going to a gym.

To understand how to pump up the ass for a month, you must be guided by what the result would like to achieve: a little pull up forms, to find the general tone or significantly increase the volume of the buttocks. In the first case, a little disappoint and can be for a week, in the second month will suffice, well, in order to pump up the big bottoms need to perform a series of exercises for several months.

Exercises for inflating beautiful priests will be the following at home:

1. gluteal pelvic bridge or lifting from a prone position (requires three sets of 20 repetitions). To perform the exercise you need to lie down on a flat, hard surface (at home it can be a floor or a special bench, not bed). Bend your knees and begin lifting the pelvis, so that the head and the blade remained lying on the floor. The upper lifting point maximally compress the buttocks to lift the heel, toes resting on the floor.

2. Deep squats without weighting. Appliances, how to squat, as described above. To perform this exercise at home, you can use the same recommendations. Squats help the girl pump the big, beautiful ass quickly and efficiently, without the help of professional trainers.

3. Mahi back with a chair. Homes of vertical swings back chair fit perfectly. It is required to take up the back of it to support the balance and legs alternately perform powerful swings back. Twenty strides on each leg. This exercise will facilitate the formation of the elastic priests.

4. The squat “plies” (with legs wide apart). You must put your feet wider than shoulder width, hold down the back straight, slowly lowered and raised. In order to properly swing the ass using “plie ‘squat should be as deep as it allows stretching. In addition to increasing the buttocks, this exercise will contribute to the training of internal thigh muscles, which often have poor muscle tone.

5. Horizontal mahi ago. House to quickly pump up the ass, you can perform the horizontal swings in conjunction with the vertical. To do this, kneel and stretch your palms on the floor. Knees bent leg should be raised as high as possible, lingering a little at the top. Follow these horizontal swings correctly, 20 reps on each leg, the priests can be increased in a short time.

6. Mahi leg from a prone position. It is necessary to go to one side, resting on his elbow. Without bending your leg at the knee, it is necessary to raise its top, and then slowly lower. The amplitude of motion of the leg should be proportionate to the stretching, the need to make sure that the body was lying exactly in a straight line.

At home, the best exercise is mahi considered for the priests, because they allow the girl not only disappoint the gluteal muscles, but also give her thighs smooth, smooth shape.

Classes at home is not as effective as a workout with a personal trainer in the gym. If using simulators swing buttocks worth one or two times a week, at home you need to train more often – 3-4 times. To become a priest as a nut, it is necessary not only regular exercise, but also need to perform each exercise correctly, at a slow pace and with maximum study of details.

On the question of how to pump up the ass, it is better to aim primarily on physical health. With proper nutrition, moderate, regular cardio and strength training and constancy of this mode, you can achieve great results and become the owner of a great priests.