How to quickly pump the biceps

Many men want to have a powerful and massive arm muscles. But it is not possible to do everything. And it’s not even in genetics here.

In order to build big muscles, do not need to take anabolic steroids and every day to absorb nemerenoe amount of cheese and meat. Of course, food – one of the main factors. But most importantly – exercise.

Many novice athletes when training biceps make two serious mistakes: working with heavy weights, breaking this technique of exercise, or too early to start to ” Pumping ” (as in the language of bodybuilding called training “to ground”, with a large number of sets and reps with small weights).

How to swing the biceps

In any exercise, you need to not only work hard, but also technically correct.

Of course, at a more advanced level of cheating (the scientific name of the movement controlled by a violation of technology) will be useful, but at the beginning and in the middle – did not.

Many of the “star” of bodybuilding often resort to the “wrong” approaches. For a mere mortal such “feats” are simply useless. Biceps, unaccustomed to heavy weights, just do not respond well to such training. In addition, these exercises can lead to microtraumas – by stretching the muscle itself to joint damage.

Biceps – biceps, performs two functions – the movement of elbow flexion and forearm. The main part of the biceps – long head. She is engaged to the maximum in all exercises for biceps. With the short head (brachialis) is more complicated. For the development of brachialis need special exercises which flexes the elbow, but the long head is practically not working.

Biceps respond well to approach the average number of repetitions – 5 to 8. However, at a certain level – when the trainee is already accustomed to the training and can withstand heavy loads, – will be a useful approach to the number of repetitions for biceps less than 5. This is to ensure to more heavily load the tendons and ligaments. Without the development of strength (for this development is responsible ligaments and tendons), it is impossible to develop a high-quality mass. You can pump up your biceps by a large number of sets with a high number of repetitions, but these muscles lose quality – the fact that in case of failure of the training are disappearing much faster than appear. With muscled quality situation is quite different.

The best exercise for the biceps – lifting barbell biceps

Lifting barbell biceps standing – the best exercise for developing the biceps. It is useful for everyone, regardless of body type and shape of the biceps. But this exercise will not bring any results, if done incorrectly. Even in the “chitingovy” period is necessary to allow the slightest error in curls. The rest should be all infallible.

When lifting a barbell biceps need to be straight, not bending his back “toe the line”, but do not slouch. Feet – shoulder-width apart. At the top of the movement rod must not touch the chest. The lower point should not be long delays. The ideal rate when working the biceps – 120. 1 – one second when picked up, 2 – two seconds during lowering, and no delay at the bottom.

Some athletes like to use when training biceps curved barbells. These vultures comfortable, but for the experienced athletes, they are not effective enough. With this fretboard long head of the biceps is not involved the entire length. At the initial stage – when you need to master the technique of exercise and get used to the load – so the neck will be very useful. But for those who are already ready for a serious workout straight bar would be much more useful.

Exercise for biceps with dumbbells

Dumbbells can quite replace the barbell at work on the biceps. All exercises are performed with a barbell, you can successfully replace the same exercises with dumbbells. And those whose biceps are oblong in shape, dumbbells are even more productive.

The longer the biceps, the more it has to stretch at the lowest point – for more power of emphasis. Therefore, holders of elongated biceps better to prefer lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting on the bench with a backrest. The back of the bench must be tilted back at a slight angle.

Procedure – the same as in the rise of the bar:

  • back straight, but without too much stress
  • the movement is carried out by the force of the biceps hands, rather than by inertia elbows and shoulders.

For those whose biceps short, productive will be the classic exercises for biceps with dumbbells:

  • Lifting dumbbells while standing
  • “Hammers”
  • Lifting dumbbells while sitting on the bench by Scott

The last exercise – to develop abdominal muscles. Those whose biceps is not yet strong enough and massive, it is better to leave the lifting dumbbell on bench Scott later.

Also not as effective as in the “peak” development of the previous exercise lifting dumbbells for biceps, standing in the slope and partial upgrades.

How to build the biceps on a horizontal bar

Those who can not afford training in sports, we can recommend to pump the biceps … pull. Pull-ups for biceps should be performed slightly differently classic pull-ups.

The grip must be reversed, and the width between the palms -. No more than 8 cm eccentric part of the exercise (lowering) should be slightly shorter than with conventional pull-ups, and concentric (lifting) – to the point when the jaw is at the level of the crossbar.

With the number of repetitions and the number of approaches here also, as in athletic training. At the initial level – at least 5 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions. Then, a little getting used to power loads, you can upgrade to a more advanced training – to catch up with the weights of 6 – 8 reps.

Training biceps on the weight

In order to quickly pump up your biceps, you must fulfill several conditions.

  • Pass the initial course – to prepare the muscles for the hard work.
  • Exercise correctly and in full force.

Specialized techniques – supersets, tri-sets and other programs – will run smoothly if they laid out in full and not to start him ahead of time.

When such techniques are extremely important to prevent cheating. Otherwise, all efforts will be wasted. When supersets need to rest as little as possible. Ideal – no rest. But for those who are trying to “supermetodiku” for the first time, it can be assumed 30 – 40 seconds of rest. The first exercise should be of a compound, and the second – insulating. In this case – the first exercise will be lifting barbell biceps, or variations with dumbbells, and the second – the rise of the biceps sitting on the bench by Scott.

It is not necessary to perform the second exercise “hammers” or similar exercises. Such exercises – for brachialis (short biceps muscle). For those who have difficulty with the development of brachialis, it is better to perform specific exercises in another day.

In the first exercise to be performed no more than 6 reps with the appropriate weight. In the second the number of repetitions should be more. In general, the mass of development must be approached with a small or average number of repetitions. But in the second exercise supersets number of repetitions should be no lower than the average – because it is a “secondary” exercise for the muscles of the blood pumping.

Three sets – also a good method for pumping bicep. But it is better to resort when massive biceps will need “resurfacing”.

Exercises to relief biceps

To give relief to muscles need to do a lot of sets in a large number of repetitions with small weights.

But in order not to turn the “drying” workout “pampingovye” we need to approach this question correctly. The best option for such an event – three sets. The first exercise – basic, with the number of repetitions is not more than 6, the second – insulating, high number of repetitions, and the third – base, but with regard to the shape of the biceps. That is, the holder of the short biceps should perform the third exercise of lifts on the bench Scott, or lifts dumbbells standing position. Those who have long biceps, the best exercise final three sets will be lifting dumbbells on a bench with a backrest.

The number of repetitions of exercises in the final three sets – above average. Although it is a basic exercise, but their purpose – to pump as much as possible “primacy” of the biceps.

Number three sets performed per workout, should be no more than three. More – just wasted effort. As for the “neodarennyh” athletes, for them this bust is not only counterproductive but harmful. Lactic acid, worked extra effort would interfere with the processes of anabolism (muscle recovery). Maybe this will be the muscle by slightly prominent, but at the same time lose in strength and capacity.

How to do push-ups to pump the biceps

Some athletes find these squeezing useless. Others – effective. Both the former and the latter are wrong – because they are not the most effective, even for those whose constitution is to this exercise. But they are not useless for those who are not very comfortable. With “bitsepsovyh” push-ups you can pump up your biceps, but to develop – not. For the development of needed exercise, which works the biceps as much as possible. Otherwise fiber biceps muscles are not injured, and the blood, which is poured into a muscle if “pampingovyh” push-ups on the biceps, will go much faster than the decrease developed by injury, muscle.

“Bitsepsovye” push-ups should be carried out in much the same way as conventional push-ups, but the brush at the same time must be deployed before. Hands should be close to the body. When moving your elbows should move without deviation, as in all exercises for biceps.

Such push-ups, of course, will not allow for the effect that the exercise with a barbell or dumbbells, but it is still better than nothing.

Regular performance “bitsepsovyh” push-ups will give homely biceps muscle is more or less sporty look and strengthen them.

Exercise with weights for biceps

For pumping biceps hands can quite successfully apply such a shell as a weight. Generally, the weight recommended for those who are predisposed to athleticism nature. However, exercise with weights is absolutely useful for all body structure.

When performing no one will lose nothing supersets if we replace the dumbbell or barbell in the first exercise on the weight. Also, the weight will help in the training “on relief” biceps. Generally, it is possible to carry out without the slightest concern with weights all the exercises for the biceps.

The only case that excludes the use of weights in biceps training is “Pumping”. When the athlete must be “pumped” muscle weight only delay the process. In all other cases, it is no less effective than barbells and dumbbells.

Techniques bicep workouts

To the above recommendations give the maximum effect, it is necessary to engage in cycles, with full gear and devote sufficient time to rest. Top choices biceps training – two times a week, alternating with the intensity.

For “individual” cases – for the “drying”, or of “peak” – it is necessary to train biceps once a week. It should be borne in mind that it was not “crossed” exercises in one workout. For example, if you do supersets after heavy pull-ups or links in the slope, the biceps will either derelict or athlete will receive microtrauma – stretching, or excessive oppression. This excessive oppression nothing dangerous if it happened once. But with regular repetition of it will only inhibit the growth process coached muscles.