Exercises for the triceps

Triceps – a skeletal triceps muscle located on the back of the humerus. It consists of three heads – the long, medial, lateral. It performs the function of flexion-extension of the elbow. By weight Triceps occupies two thirds of the weight of the shoulder muscles.

For regulation of the temperature homeostasis, increasing the rate of enzymatic reactions, improving blood and lymph circulation, metabolism intensity workout is important to load (as in the room, or at home), i.e. heating of the tissues and cardiorespiratory system. Warm-up includes general developmental (the same for all: running, jumping, stretching, etc…) And special (associated with a particular sport) exercises. The optimal duration of warm-up and gap size between its end and the beginning of the work depends on the nature of the work, fitness of the person’s sex, age, environmental factors (weather). The duration of heating at everyone.

Triceps exercises at the gym

The LFK become widely deployed devices to correctly and consistently work on a particular area of ​​the body. Plus simulators that by doing certain exercises can normalize their power, amplitude, rhythm. Simulators are designed to develop strength and joints, muscle endurance, muscle elimination of hunger. Properly delivered training in the gym do not cause pain.

Swing triceps need for both men and women. Almost all exercises triceps use all three heads. Start pumping in the gym should be a basic exercise.

Thus, the basic exercises for the triceps – it is a complex using special shells (boards, blocks, weights, Smith machine)


  • Push-ups from the back all the way on a narrow bench. Starting position – hands abut rear bench, legs stretched out on the second bench. Fall down, bending the arm to a right angle, then climb. Properly done with elbows, not diluted in hand.
  • Raising the hands because of the head with a dumbbell. It is more likely for women, because with their help will not be able to build up a large muscle mass, but the relief of actually develop. Starting position – sitting on a bench, back bend over backwards hand wound with a dumbbell behind your head, free hand covers the body. On the inhale to lift a hand from behind the head, bending at the elbow and holding the right angle. You do not have to stop in the final position. To do 10 times.
  • Hand bends in an inclined position. Starting position – standing on the side of the bench, holding her free hand, and building a free knee, back parallel to the floor, the hand with the dumbbell bent at a right angle. Triceps gently to straighten the hand, at the top stay 5 seconds to return to the initial position. It is important to keep your back – parallel to the floor, remaining immobile.
  • Ups on a special simulator type bars. For greater effect, can be performed with weights. Do not forget that the correct width of the boards should be shoulder-width apart, otherwise the burden rests on the triceps, and pectoral muscles.
Once made basic exercises triceps, proceed to the next stage – the basic training.

It includes:

  • French press. Starting position – for bench press, lying on the bench, face up, feet pressed to the floor. Raise the bar direct grip on his outstretched hands behind his head, forming a right angle shoulder and forearm. At the end point is not to stop and not to lower the bar too low. Repeat 10-15 times. You can perform the bench press on an incline bench right grip.
  • Narrow bench press. Bench press performed in the car Smith or power rack. Starting position – the same as a direct grip. Lower the bar, touch the chest and lift the bar up once. Correctly when the elbows form an angle of 45 degrees with the body. It is possible to vary the width and angle of the elbow grip. At endpoint, stop for 3-5 seconds. Make 3 sets of 10 times.
  • California press. Starting position – as well as at the French bench, taking a narrow grip barbell, place it over the top of his chest. On the inhale, slowly lower the bar, not throwing elbows to the sides. Correctly perform, working only triceps.
  • The best exercise – extension arms on the top shelf. Starting position – standing, slightly tilting the body forward. Grab handle with palms down, elbows firmly pressed against the body. The essence of the exercise – to pull the lever unit to the chest. Perform smoothly, frozen at the top for 5 seconds. Make 3 sets of 10 times. It is also possible to perform straightening of one hand and on a block (need rope simulator with the upper block).

How to build your triceps at home

To have beautiful hands, essential training the triceps, but not necessarily go to the gym, you can do exercises triceps at home.

In every house there stools or chairs, a pair of dumbbells, gymnastic mat. How to build triceps weights, if they do not? That’s right, the dumbbell is easy to replace with bottles of water. Some of the house and was converted into a branch of the gym, setting simulators, blocks and other devices. The house is convenient to do:

  • Pushups (hand position – normal or narrow). Exercise is the best, because special equipment is not required for it, bleed the triceps, the muscles of the back and legs. Correct push-ups should be able to both men and women. Start position – stop lying, back and legs straight, the weight is transferred on your toes, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. As you exhale, bend your arms and touch the floor feeding. Make 3 sets of 15-20 times the man, the woman 5-10 times. As an added complication, wear a backpack on his shoulders with the load.
  • Dips can be performed in the courtyard of the house.
  • Push-ups from the back stop and fit perfectly, and the bench can replace a chair.
  • Extension arm with a dumbbell can be performed not only in the room, but also at home, and it is not suitable for women, beginners due to high load on the fledgling muscles.
  • Women home is suitable extension arm in the slope (described above), replacing bench on a stool.
  • How to build the triceps dumbbell women – elementary, straightening laying hands. Starting position – lying on the mat, hands with mild dumbbells are lifted upwards. It is necessary to alternately flex arm at the elbow so that his shoulder was vertical. Dumbbell should touch the floor. Make 4 sets of 10-15 times.
  • Transverse press (also for women). Starting position – as in the exercise above, but position the dumbbell across the body. Palm back side should be deployed before. It is necessary to bend the elbows, in the transverse extensions, but the dumbbells do not touch each other. Do 5 sets of 10 times.


To home training was better, use a combination of the two, later three different exercises to influence the triceps from different angles.

Some women enough months to of “newcomers” to move into the category of “pro” and the other is not enough for half a year, it all depends on the level of body fat (the lower, the more likely things will go smoothly), and the individual characteristics of the organism. To achieve beautiful triceps should be engaged for about three months.