TRX exercise for lower back Pain – Plus Yoga & Cheese Fries

Exercises for Lower Back PainAllĀ  right here we are at chaka sir can make in is doing some very ok a magic. We have a few people that have chronic back problems including me the guy holding the camera and mic here. But you call it lower back hurting because not only are we doing yoga but we have a special yes from North I dunno North Idaho them the gym again. Want you cheer physique Pilates. He brought a key are X. He’s going to show me a little bit how I can do an exercise to help out my back and Mike and over again can think. Of Kenya can you tell me what you will what I gotta do here. Yes yes certainly I’m straight yeah probably lengthen yet this is a part. You like grateful that your help you write your spine to try and stay straight

And not let that go into flexion. He got killed on lifting as you mean. Sellers well that’s just a little bit

You now to rotations unified anyone me pushing the opposite laid-back flexion the left money

And turning to the and that’ll get you from your left heel you’re right armpit him. Back yes I did ball

On the road of them make you ok. Yeah lower back problem and what you will notice into in the background between all those lower back problem is well. You had he’s tried made him what you tell us why we got a big thing he’s right over there his me a few days. He and get really disgusted with ourselves so that you realize why we don’t those things this morning I woke up but now my hands. My carpal tunnel was all messed up from pumpkin pie and chocolate cake yesterday. I one more day am too much for him and now my came on now him.