Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back

Back muscles need to be strengthened on a regular basis. Weak muscles result in the formation of poor posture, a man constantly builds a strong physical exertion, there is excessive fatigue, mood drops.Over time, weak back muscles can cause a variety of illnesses. To prevent the worst case scenario, you need to devote time to strengthen the muscles of the back with the help of physical therapy, yoga and exercises in the gym. Today we tell about how to strengthen the back muscles through a series of exercises.

How to strengthen your back muscles?

This section will give a list of exercises that should be carried out in the gym. Exercise at home will describe in a later section of this article.

Strengthening the trapezius muscles
trapezius muscles play an important role in the formation of a beautiful figure. To strengthen them in the gym is ideal exercise shrugs, which is performed in different variations.

Shrug in a standing position
to exercise in this position works best with curved rod stamp or regular dumbbells. Rod straight bar will put pressure on the groin that will create discomfort.

Shrugs barbell
Technique: feet shoulder-width apart place, grab the neck, grip – a little wider than shoulder width. Keep your hands straight. Inhale, lift, and then lower the shoulders. Breathe out. If you train with more weight, then modify your grip, so that the muscles were studied equally.

Shrugs with dumbbells
Exercise is not much different from the previous one. Starting position: legs set slightly closer to each other than in the first exercise. Take a neutral grip dumbbells and hold them at arm’s length. Shoulders straighten, do not slouch, chin lift slightly, legs slightly bend. On the inhale lift your shoulders as high as possible, linger for a moment in this position, and then lower them. When lifting dumbbells do not swing your body.

Shrug on an incline bench
shrugs Incline bench loaded with the same muscles as the standing shrugs. Technique: Lie on an incline bench (45 degrees to the floor), on his stomach so that his head went beyond the edge of the bench. Secure the legs on the footboard in hand, take a dumbbell. Extend your arms in front of him. Inhale while pinch blade and shrug his shoulders. Return to the starting position.

Do not take a lot of weight at once. First, operate with low weight and gradually increasing. Hand bend, try to hold the dumbbells at arm’s length. It does not work – change the weight.


Shrug with a barbell behind his back
Exercise complicated and not everyone can handle the first time. For its implementation it is necessary to set the bar to a special support so that the neck is above your knees. Then we must turn to the projectile back. Grasp the neck forward or reverse grip, hands arrange a little wider than shoulder width, put his feet narrower than shoulder width. Prepare to lift the projectile. To do this, straighten your back, tighten her muscles, lift the chin slightly up and pinch blade. Take a deep breath and lift the barbell. Back at the same bend. Do shrug, as described in the previous exercise, then lower shell.

Shrug on the horizontal bar
Exercise in much the same exercise on an incline bench with the difference that we should not lie on your stomach and on the back. Technique: Lie on the bench, which is installed under the bar over the bar. Feet rest against the floor to the surface. Pins expose to ten centimeters lower level than lying under the bench. Hands put on the neck, wider than shoulders. On the inhale, remove the bar and straighten your arms. In this position, start to reduce as much as possible of the blade. On the exhale, spread them. Always keep your hands straightened, his head does not come off the bench.

At first, the bar does not separate from the rack column. Let it slide on it and in the event of difficulties just fall on the pins.

Shrugs exercise can also be performed at Smith simulator.

Exercises for the lower back muscles pumping
Upgrade your lower back will help the following exercises:

  • Deadlift
  • The slopes of the pole forward

Deadlift: technique of
Approach to the bar, grab her upper grip or raznohvatom. The distance between your hands – a little wider than shoulder width. Keep your back straight in. On the inhale, lift the barbell to the knee level and fully straighten. Pull your shoulders back. Wait a few seconds and then lower the boom.
Deadlift develops almost all muscle groups, so it is actively used by beginners.
Lean forward with a barbell: surgical technique
Feet shoulder width apart, take a wide grip barbell and lift it up. Keep body straight, straighten shoulders and slightly bend your legs, back, rotten strain psoas. Inhale and slightly tilt the body forward, looking away while the pelvis back. When the housing would be parallel to the floor surface to return to the initial position.


Training back to earth

Here are a few exercises that will make your back athletic:

  • Thrust rod in the slope. Exercise has been described above. It effectively acts on the latissimus dorsi.
  • Link vertical block. If you can not catch up, follow the vertical thrust blocks. This exercise is more simple. Do this: take the simulator bench, grab the handle a wide grip, feet fix under the rollers. Begin to pull the handle down, setting the stage for her or his head or dropping the front of the chest. Smoothly return to a starting position. Do not immerse the neck severely low.
  • Thrust dumbbells. all just here. Take a dumbbell in your left hand. Go to the athletic bench and stand on the side of it. Knee right foot put on the bench. Free housing slightly forward, resting his right hand to the edge of the bench. Slightly arch your back. The left arm with a dumbbell, lower down. On the inhale begins to pull the dumbbell up, bending the arm at the elbow. At the top stop for a couple of seconds and then return to its original position. This is important: always keep your back slightly arched, do not slouch. If a bent knee to do the exercise uncomfortable, follow it without bench. When lifting a dumbbell in the work should be included only the muscles of the back, and not the hands.
  • Link blocks themselves. Perform each exercise with light weight, so as not to cause injury. I.P .: go to the simulator, grasp the handle straight grip, hands shoulder width apart. Take a step back from the simulator. Corpus keep straight, do not slouch. Shoulders straighten, the chin lift slightly. On the inhale pull the handle on the simulator and down. Hand bend. When the handle touches the thighs, the maximum strain the latissimus. Thereafter, return to starting position.

Training back at home

Not everyone has the time to visit the gym. The ideal solution for them would be doing the exercises at home. There are a number of exercises that are performed on the mat and give tangible effect, and here are some of them:

  • Polulodochka
    performed so: lie down on the rug, on his stomach, hands pull ahead. Tear them off the floor and pull up. And then pass the focus on the entire body. Maximum arch your back. Then cross your fingers behind your head and Freeze in this position for two or three seconds. Return to starting position and repeat.
  • Boat
    exercise is performed as well as the previous one, but with the only difference – the feet must also detach from the floor.
  • Exercise with expandersin active use at home for the development of the back muscles. I.P .: stand in the rack: feet shoulder width apart, back – straight. Pick up the two handles Expander. Pull them in front, and then spread to the sides.
  • Balancing
    Get on all fours. Pull back the right leg and left arm forward. Keep them strictly parallel to the floor. In this position stay for up to five seconds. At this time, you will experience a significant strain on the back muscles. Do the same, changing the leg and arm. This exercise is also actively used to train back to more difficult exercises.
  • Keel with the roller
    ie on the mat on his stomach, arch your back. Hands pull ahead. Take the roller in hand. Begin to roll it, first by themselves, then to himself. When the roller is returned, the maximum sag in the back. Perform a few reps.