Fix Yourself Friday – Lower Back Pain Running

lower back pain after runningNo¬† on hey guys Jeff Ford CTF coach in Hilton Head Island South Carolina. We’re coming at you with another picture self Friday. Breaking a calming running injuries. Not today what we’ll be discussing is lower back pain. Um believe it or not how you are running could be affecting your back pain that you’re having. I’m so the first mechanical deviation that we see is the heel strike in the leg out in front of the General Settings mas o we see a heel strike he’ll knees locked out all the way to the hip okay. Go ahead just jump up and down on your heels in your gonna feel how bad this feels okay. So if you’re to do that overtime we’re gonna start to develop this a campaign all the way up to the hip well and it could be even down out the other side to your quad. So um the fixed here’s what we’ve got to work on is first the posture

Running comes down to three things right. Posture falling in polling. So we’ve got a creek the hip position so that that athlete can actually get the foot back underneath and teach at personal and ball foot underneath the hips K. %uh the second thing that we see with lower back pain is this over rotation up the upper body okay. It’s typically from %uh the development or under development I love their core okay. So what we’ve got a clean appears that there’s no our movement across the body that’s very inefficient and then if you watch me if I go across the body lookie what that’s going to do to my hip and then if I’m here striking out front band that’s a double off whammy that we’re seeing with athletes sometime. So the cleanup the upper body just quite those arms relax the shoulders keep the head neutral and you’re gonna be so much better off K. There’s a few quick fixes on lower back pain tighten up that core we’ve got tons and exercises you can check out on conviction training dot com along with mechanical drills to start correcting that technique stable armed drill is a phenomenal one for that. My name’s Jeff ports you back for another fix up Friday we’ll send.